Home free!


Kerala, December 2014

I had the privilege of spending some quality time with this rather dashing gentleman; unfortunately I was not aware at the time of our association that said time was being spent.

After readjusting my leech sock a couple of times because my left shoe felt a little more snug than previous days, we came back from our morning trek and found the leeches had found our boots particularly seductive that morning.  He toppled against my hand after the morning trek when I was knocking, off my shoes, the leeches to which we had just rendered a salty demise.

Certainly helpful to both toes and toads to wear trekking boots a size bigger than you need!

Rude as the initial shock may have been for both of us, I assume he was as happy to escape unhurt as I was to discover that my left foot had not grown a size bigger in my sleep.
(I actually don’t know that he is a he, it just tells well.. 😉 )

Also a useful reminder to avoid rookie mistakes like putting on your boots without checking for creepy crawlies.. all of which may not be as benign as my friendly neighbourhood froggie..

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