Welcome to inmyNature

Hello and welcome to the random musings  overactive mind. Thank you for sharing with me my little micro-world of the flora and the fauna that make me so happy to be alive.. a snapshot of this overwhelmingly beautiful blue planet with a million hues of green that I am lucky to inhabit.

Imagination is such a wonderful thing. It can recreate the ordinary, transform the mundane, and be, quite literally, the safe keeper of your sanity.

One of my most favourite stories, and a particular anecdote I take great inspiration from when things get a bit heavy, is the one of Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment. So much about this personality to me is awe inspiring. To choose in the face of choicelessness. To stay motivated in the face of darkness. To rest lightly in the grip of bondage.

This must be the ultimate freedom. This must be how true liberation tastes. To be influenced and guided, not by what lies outside of you, but the richness of your own mind. True power.  Hmm.. Exciting.  How precious then, is this ability to think. To imagine. To paint a new picture on the canvas of your mind.   To see, in your mind’s eye, outside of the compelling ‘what is’. To transform; to mould reality to fit the filter through which you choose to see in any given moment.   Rantings of a delusional mind? But, ah such freedom!

So there will be a bit of that too. Wild imaginings, wayward rantings, thoughts that would flit across my mind and disappear forever into the ethers, if I didn’t grab on like a shaman hovering over a child’s bed with a dream catcher.  What can I say, it’s inmyNature. As the famous linguist, Hutt K. Hinglish said, we are like this only.

My hope for this blog is that it will serve as my dream catcher. It will be my attempt to honour all those parts of me, (and certainly you, since you have chosen to visit, 🙂  ) that make us feel free and powerful and happy.. a fertile imagination and a love for all things wild and free.

So here’s to the wonderful gift of human imagination. And to all the elements of Nature that make us blessed to walk this stunningly beautiful planet. May we all tread gently.  And may I, now, and for all lifetimes more, be privileged enough to live on a planet that is blessed with God’s beautiful, wild critters… and God’s beautiful, wild imagination.

July 2016


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